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Dusting off my Booklikes...

I've been pretty much donezo with Not-so-Goodreads for awhile now, other than posting my reviews and keeping track of what I'm reading. I think I was a Bitter Betty for a bit how the environment turned so gif-ridden, shallow, drama-filled, and ugly...and then eventually I stopped being bitter...but stopped being interested as well.


I just want to talk about...books, ya know?


So...I'll give this a try again.  So here I am...


My 2015 challenge to myself as a reader:


  • Don't shy away from books I fear are too angsty for me. Grow a backbone and read it! I'm missing out on so much good stuff? And since when did I become such a wimp?
  • Stop going for the quick-fix. A book < 200 pgs so often leaves me unsatisfied, so why do I balk about books that are over that page count?
  • Read outside of the contemporary m/m category...been there, done that. Time to try some new stuff. 


...and we'll leave it at that. For now. 


So...happy reading everyone! May 2015 bring you the most satisfying books...