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Is that me I see...in a romance about 2 Amish men?

A Forbidden Rumspringa (Gay Amish Romance Book 1) - Keira Andrews


Well shit. This book was like looking in a mirror. 


...except of course I'm a single, heterosexual, Asian woman living the life of awholelottasin...and Isaac & David are...not. 


Other than that...


Ok, so you don't really need to know my whole life's history. But in a nutshell, I grew up in a REALLY crazy Christian background (two words: "Jesus Camp") and how I ended up being where I am today is a long, sordid tale. Let's just say that I related almost uncomfortably with the struggles of the 2 MC's in A Forbidden Rumspringa...especially in the vain of all that I thought I was not allowed to do...choices I was not permitted to make. Always living every moment in fear of getting caught sinning, shame of feelings & emotions, and guilt...good god, the guilt, of not being perfectly obedient. 


So this book was a very personal read for me in many ways. 


And on top of that? It's just a damn good book!


I hesitated to start this book for awhile...bowing out of 3 different buddy reads of the book! (slacker!) It's just "religious" books are my personal favorites. And something about being set in an Amish community almost made me feel like I was...infringing?...disrespecting?...their way of life. And, mostly, I'm just a wimp...and I'd heard there's some angst in here (funny how angst has become this ONE word that describes any kind of emotion other than utter bliss in books today...) So, who cares why it took me so long to read it. Story goes, I read it, and I'm reeling...



The attraction, and then the slow revelation of love, between David and Isaac, 2 young men of-age to join the church and commit completely to the very strict sect of Amish community, was addictive. I was fascinated by the lifestyle...the rules. I was fascinated about how some are made for the simple life and some aren't. I was fascinated how much we take for granted that is different in the way people live even in our same country. And of course, I was stricken and INTENSELY STRESSED OUT at anything close to a situation where the two, sneaking around to experience their lust and love, might get caught (<-this...THIS...was all too familiar from my own youth)


I also really loved how this book wasn't just about the two main characters. But it was also about each of them separately...and their individual struggles of responsibility, family, fear, their attraction to other men. It made me feel invested in each of them as individuals as much as I was in them as a couple. 


The author takes her time in laying out this story, but boy does she spin a tale for the ages. I was at the edge of my SEAT...my heart pounding...dying to know what happens...despite being in this quiet, simple backdrop of this Amish community. And she manages to really put some delightfully sexy "let's explore each other and our sexuality cause I can't keep my hands off of you " scenes. 


I'll admit, my only TINY TINY niggle was that David seemed pretty experienced with knowing how to have sex (including prepping his partner) after having only seen 1 dirty magazine and a handful of action movies. But I can get over this... :)



I'm dying to know how this THREE BOOK (yes!!!!!) series is going to play out...