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*whispers* ...erm...I kinda LOVED this one...

Life in Fusion - Ethan Day

Have you ever been embarrassed for loving a book? Not for loving any book, but for loving a certain book? I mean, I enjoy lots and lots of generic, simple, sticky sweet, unbelievable types of books. I do. 



I have NO idea how this happened...but this book wiggled it's way into my heart...BIG TIME.  

I went on a holiday reading binge this year. I read probably 20 stories in a couple weeks. And most were adequately entertaining. One that I found particularly enjoyable was "Sno Ho" by Ethan Day. I read the reviews how it was laugh-out-loud hysterical, and true, the banter between the MC's (Boone in particular) was pretty funny. And I liked the humor...unapologetic without crossing the line. But, what really drew me to the story was the relationship that was building between writer Boone & Olympic-gold-medalist-turned-ski-instructor Wade. Sure, it was insta-love. But there were real and often complicated emotions there, especially in Boone's head. And it drew me in. The ending, however, pissed me off...not a cliffhanger per se, but there's no way you can NOT jump into book 2 right away.

So I did. And whattaya know...it snuck right up on me and became an instant favorite. Now, before I go on, I need to explain that Boone is a writer and each chapter of Life in Fusion starts with excerpts from his book...you read Boone's character's journey. Well, you do if you don't skim it. I...skimmed it. Actually, I skipped all those parts entirely. So, with those out of the way, what remained was a book that just WORKED for me.

Boone & Wade are in a committed relationship after only a few weeks...but figuring out what that means and how to make it work. There's baggage. There are relationships (family, friends) to navigate. There's long-distance. There are all the challenges of a new relationship and hardly knowing one another. And there is love. And without completely knowing how it happened, I ate up ever morsel of this book (other than those parts I skipped) and it was SO SATISFYING.

The commitment and the feelings expressed through humor between Boone & Wade were even better in book 2. Less annoying and more endearing. And then there were misundertandings and hurt feelings and real adult "relationship stuff" that made me feel like I was having drinks with friends listening to them talk about their lives.

Boone's crazy parents cracked me up, yet won over my heart. Boone's best friend Gabe made me so angry, yet I related to him the most. Boone's incessant use of humor to deal with emotions became a familiar pattern that made it so much clearer what he was trying to avoid or mask.

And then there's Wade. Oh to be loved by a man like Wade. Controlling. Patient. Kind. Demanding. Loving. Strong. I want him. Or I want someone to love me like he does Boone. And I want to live in a glorious mountain home with spectacular views. :)

So yeah, this book did it for me. I'm as surprised as anyone...but I still smile as I think of it.


Note: the book does not work as a standalone. But book 1, Sno Ho, is a short holiday novella that you can finish quickly.

Another note: MLR Press consistently has sub-par editing/proofing in their books I've read from them. Yet, they charge $8.99, one of the higher prices, for their ebooks. It's frustrating and makes me grouchy.