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I'm noticing more and more authors putting their books out on audio. The wave of the future. :) For some reason, whenever I think of audiobooks, it feels so old school to me...like I imagine an 8-track tape deck in my car.  



In any case, so many of my reviewer friends are raving about books they're listening to. I've finished exactly ONE audiobook..."Fair Game" by Josh Lanyon. And admittedly, I loved it. But it took me like a MONTH to get through it.


Granted, audiobooks don't really "fit" into my lifestyle...my commute is a 15 minute walk to work, I *ahem* rarely (never) go to the gym, and my apartment is so small, it doesn't exactly take me long to clean it. So, when I do think to listen to an audiobook, it's usually when I'd normally be reading an ebook - while lying in bed, passing time away - and in those moments, the audiobook just puts me to sleep. 


In February, Boys in our Books is dedicating a week to reviews of audiobooks. The whole team is giving 'em a go. And I'm starting early...WAY EARLY...because I know what a struggle it will be for me. I'm taking on "Cut & Run" by Abi Roux, a book I've read numerous times and hopefully don't have to pay too close attention to while listening.


I have to say, after the first couple chapters, I'm really digging this! When the narrator describes Zane (my love), I was swooooning. I think hearing someone talk about him, it had such a different effect on me. Points for audiobooks there. 


Now, let's hope I can patiently make my way through through the rest. These suckers are LONG (<-that's what she said...#forgiveme #immadork)