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Like eating sushi, pasta, hamburgers, and an omelet in one meal...

Smoky Mountain Dreams - Leta Blake

This book was quite the mixed bag...and not all of it fit together. 


It was emotional. There were scenes where I was bawling. And scenes where my heart felt so constricted by sadness. And scenes where I wanted to cut a bitch.


It was preachy. I felt like every current issue of conversation in the m/m community was covered in this book and written in a way that say "I will be as politically correct as possible and not offend anyone while bringing your attention to important topics". Bisexual vs gay-for-you. Tops vs bottoms vs versatiles. Religion and family issues. Queerness. It was all in there.


It was sexual. There were some hot interactions between the two. And there were some weird ones too. And there were times I didn't buy into the relationship beyond the sex. And there were times I was so engrossed in their love-making, I could've cried.


It was off in tone. I rarely notice nor care if a book is written by a man or a woman. It just doesn't matter to me and it's not something I'm good at picking up on if the story is solid. But this book felt so "female"...and not in the way that the characters are feminine. But in the inner thoughts, the reactions, the overall voice (?)...it felt really obvious that the author was a woman. And there's nothing wrong with that...it just felt off in this case


This book is about a singer/performer and a jewelry-maker. It's about 2 men damaged and broken in their own ways. It's about family...and the struggle to maneuver within people who are supposed to, but don't always, love and support you. It's about finding hope with someone after having already given up on hope. It's about living in a small mountain town and falling in love.


It was a solid story, with good writing, and strong characters...but it was a bit much. It was long...and it felt long. It was overwhelming in both good and frustrating ways. All in all, I liked parts of it, but not all of it together...at least not enough to say I loved it.