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I need rainbows, unicorns, and a vat of maple syrup after this one...

This is Not a Love Story - Suki Fleet


Ok...I found this book to be overwhelmingly depressing. And it's not because of your typical angst or plot twists. It's just...I have a bit of a soft heart when it comes to homeless teenagers. There's a helplessness there that I can't get past. And it's really really hard reading the realities of what life, and survival, on the streets amounts to for these young people. Not to mention, most of them are in these predicaments because of failures by the adults in their lives. And...now I'm sobbing...

Now the book.

This book was, as you can predict for me, really hard to read. I had deep anxiety EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. This is not an exaggeration. I was so worried and scared about what these boys would face next. And I didn't want to put it down because I just wanted it all to be read and done with in one sitting...so I wouldn't have to come back to it.

That is NOT to say that this book isn't outstanding and that Suki Fleet, my goodness, isn't really a talented author. Because geez...the writing in this is SO strong. I typically do NOT like 1st person present POV's at all. But I was so engrossed in Romeo's head and heart. The words were real, unapologetic, and relentless.

And the title...well, I disagree. Because it is actually, a love story. It's about a deep love and loyalty and at-all-costs connection between Romeo and Julian, two homeless boys on the streets of London. It's about commitment, care-giving, understanding, protection. It's about fear, hopelessness, hopefulness, and moments of joy whenever they can be found. And it's about fighting for just a sliver of a HEA...and that's about all you're gonna get with this book...maybe a paragraph or two of happy...'ish.

If you've read Sara Alva's Silent, the book has a similar feel and story. Though I'd say this one is even harder to read...the content much grittier and in-your-face.

Ultimately, if your heart can handle the STORY, then you're gonna want to read this for the really good WRITING. If you're a sensitive soul, you may need to pass.

Also...for those that always wonder w/ YA/NA books, no explicit on page sex. But a TON of adult content.