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"The Salisbury Key" by Harper Fox

The Salisbury Key - Harper Fox

Gosh, I liked this book…a lot.

When you read a few books from the same author, you start to become familiar with their style, right? Josh Lanyon will always have the “wait, that’s the end?” ending. Mary Calmes will always have the Jory/Sam remix. And Harper Fox will wax you poetic until you bleed British blood. There’s something comforting to that familiarity.

I have found that I really like Harper Fox books. I don’t always love them, but I’m happy to continue to pick another one up. I am so thankful that I picked up The Salisbury Key. This book was signature-Fox-lovely, but the story itself was just really great. I think this is the top of my list of her works.

There are 2 key relationships in this story and both are handled so…well…poignantly and powerfully and…fascinating.

One is a May-December romance that, as it’s layers are being peeled back and looked at closely, reveals a “father figure” need in the younger man. It’s interesting as he begins to realize how much he relied on the older man…yet in the end, knew without a doubt that he loved him. The other is a GFY-due-to-military relationship and I was less…certain…about the attraction here, but I was more drawn to the 2 MC’s. I am a sucker for loyalty and utter devotion…and these two manage, in a short time, to take care of each other.

I know all of this is a bit cryptic and vague, but I don’t want to give too much away. I will say that I loved Daniel and Rayne. I also loved Jason and even Winter. It was just a really strong group of characters in this book. Pair all of this with a fascinating mystery/suspense storyline and I was enthralled.

So satisfied.

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