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I'm quite certain I'll be in the minority here, but...


Sorry to do this...

2.5 stars

First things first: I don't think this book is a romance. Which is fine. Except it’s shelved on GR as a M/M Romance. There are 2 guys and a kid on the cover. The blurb alludes to these relationships. But 75% of this book is not about a couple at all. And that pretty much put me in a bad mood. I’ve had to wait a day or two to write this review because I wanted this irritation to not overwhelm me with frustration as I review the story.

Look, I’m certain that many of you will really enjoy this book. It will tug at your heart strings and I believe that you’ll feel for and become attached to Joel. You’ll shed tears over his loss and his struggle to move on. You’ll find his relationship with his daughter endearing. You’ll root for him to find true love. And I totally can see why. 

But, as I’ve said many times before, maybe I’m just dead inside. This book did NOT do any of that for me. 

Why not? Well, for one, the book took forever to get going. I skimmed, I fell asleep on a couple of occasions while reading, and it just was dragged down by mundane details that frankly bored me. It wasn’t until about the 40% mark did something actually happen. Then the entire middle section got bogged down again by excess details and I just got tired of the “this is how hard it is for a single dad” angle. I think that point could easily have been made in a fewer number of chapters.

I got hopeful and excited once a romance / relationship actually did start to be established. But the entire build-up, angst-up, make-up all got stuffed into the last 25% of the book and by then, I tried to muster some bit of give-a-shit, but it was hard to find.

I actually really do like the character of Joel. I question his judgement dating a 19-year-old kid in Dan and bringing that guy around his daughter. I also wanted to beat the crap out of him towards the end. But, he was grieving and surviving and I guess that’s forgivable.

I think the real highlight of the book, however, is Liam. He’s sexy, funny, and frankly WAY too good for Joel. It’s probably not a good thing when your not-a-romance romance book has you thinking one of the MC’s should just find someone else. Just sayin’…

Like I said, I think that many readers will like this book. I, personally, had a hard time embracing it. Because I’m a fan of the author’s first book “Nothing Serious” and wanted to so like this follow-up, I was tempted to bump the rating a bit. But, I just can’t stand by a higher rating. I will however add a "Me-Not-You" tag to it, because I have a feeling I’ll be in the minority with this one and most of you won’t be nearly as annoyed (if at all) by the things that drove me bonkers.