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Codependency at it's finest...and I ATE IT UP!

Take My Picture - Giselle Ellis

Ok, I’m going to admit something and then I’m gonna *duck*…


This book, in the beginning, annoyed the crap out of me.  I absolutely HATED the “banter” between Aaron & Jake.  It was just trying SO HARD to be witty, exchanging zingers, and frankly I was traumatized.  Everyone loved this book so much I feared I was going to loathe it…how do you turn around a book when you can barely stand the 2 MC’s talking to each other.


Next thing I know, I’m hooked.  And here’s what did it:  as sick as this kinda sounds, I’m a SUCKER for a functionally codependent relationship!  When 2 people not only WANT each other but NEED each other…and in ways that don’t seem sane or normal (crawling into each other’s beds at night? Walking around aimlessly only to find comfort if a light is on? Turn down your boyfriend in order to comfort your boss for no reason? Erm…)  I know, I know…the point is that they were in love before they even admitted it to each other.  Still, it was weird…and I love that sh*t.  I’m gaga for that “deep need”.  And I love when someone is just THERE for you without question of what you’re asking.


So, I fell for their crazytown love and damn…THE DESPERATE SEX…????…so, so, so HOT I was…beyond…!!!


I was so engrossed by the end of the book, I immediately started it over.  And the 2ndtime…well, I still hated the banter, but this time I could skim that stuff and just get to the sick obsessions!  And I loved it.


I would not call this book sweet as a lot of people do, or fluff…nope not at all.  There’s a kinda sickness to this relationship and there’s also some damn-that-hurts angst in the story.  But, the payoff was so good.  Me likey…


  • After the 1st read:  3.5 stars
  • After the 2nd read: 4.0 stars
  • The more I think about it:  I'd consider 4.5 stars...but the banter still bugs me...