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Ummm...necessary evil...

Texas Heat: 3 - R.J. Scott


Hanging on by a pinky fingernail...3.0 stars...

So...this is the classic case of suffering from "this-book-is-not-great-but-I've-already-invested-myself-into-the-series-and-it's-not-likely-that-I'll-stop-now-even-though-the-writing-is-repetitive-and-the-story-increasingly-unbelievable-and-my-eyes-are-tired-from-rolling-but-I-still-kinda-heart-Riley-and-Jack-and-their-love-for-one-another-ITIS"

The introduction of a new couple in Robbie and Eli was good...until it wasn't...and it became ridiculous.

And the book is missing it's over-the-top soap opera drama that I (embarrassingly)kinda loved in books 1 & 2. And I could really, REALLY, do without one more "het-boy" joke. 

But again, it's not like I'm stopping now. I'm in too deep...even if it's deep in something suspiciously stinky. 

So...on to book 4.