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Ok, so this happened...


Somewhere around the end of October, I was in a bit of a funk and needed something to kick me in the ass.  I wanted a challenge - to try something I had never ever done before.  Well, I do like to READ...so maybe, ummm, I could try WRITING?  


Mind you, I've never even taken a creative writing class and other than emails and reviews, my writing experience is zilch.  So, to jump right into NaNo and give it a go was pretty much the most asinine thing I've ever decided to do. But, I did.


At first I was super discouraged at how sucky my writing was and that I didn't have "The Muse" that authors so often talk about telling me where my story should go.  Quite frankly, I didn't even really have an inspiration.  I also found I'm not a plotter or an outliner...but I guess what one would call a "pantser"...simply writing and making up shit as I went along.  


But a good writer friend of mine told me to remember the purpose of NaNo is just to write...not necessarily to get published.  It's just to get motivated to get the creative juices going and to stay on track with writing.  So, having taken off a lot of the pressure to produce something good...I kept on.  


I didn't think I could. But, I did!  W00t!  And now I shall scrap about 25k of the words I wrote and maybe try to salvage a decent length short story out of this.  Maybe...


In any case...I'm a WINNER!  :)