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"Beguiled" (Enlightenment, book #2): Kicking it up a notch. So so good...

Beguiled - Joanna Chambers

God this book was amazing!!!!!!

I dove right into book 2 of this series the day after finishing Provoked. True, the ending to book 1 was abrupt and I wanted to know what happened next. But mostly because the main characters, David and Murdo, haunted me. I couldn’t stop thinking about them and wondering where the story would go next. 

I loved this book. It was romantic and endearing and tender. It was action-packed, suspenseful, and heart-racing. It was sexy and smoldering and *sigh*-inducing.

In this book, we saw David come into his own. He’s successful, he’s more sure of himself, he’s more open and daring. Yet, he remained his steadfast and honorable self. I loved his integrity…in both books. But, I really loved seeing him find his voice in book 2 – asking for what he WANTED. And what he wanted was Murdo. 

And Murdo…he’s such a MAN…and I mean that in the sense that he’s the protector and the care-taker and the he just MAKES SHIT HAPPEN and you just KNOW everything’s gonna be ok when he’s there. I lurve him so much. And I LURVE him for David so much!

The growth of their relationship, their conversations, their soul and heart opening admissions to each other about their pasts…gah!!!!...I ate this UP…I savored every word! You can actually SEE them falling in love as you turn each page and it’s…amazing.

There is a side story about a character, Elizabeth, that is SO SO EXCITING. I held my breath every time this storyline came on page. …intense and powerful and showed off the best of our MC’s. The range of emotions (anger, fear, anxiety, hope, sadness, worry…) caught me off guard and I found myself just hanging on for the ride!

The ending carriage ride was so freaking sweet and romantic I cried and did NOT want my percentage marker on my Kindle to go higher. I don’t want to wait for book 3. I want…I WANT…I NEEEEEED it…NOW!

I initially was going to rate this 4.5 stars…it was near flawless for me. But since I still can’t get the boys out of my head and the beauty of this book still fills my heart, I’m going all in with 5 stars! 

Bring on book 3!!!