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"Ball & Chain" by Abigail Roux: ONE scene made it worth it...

Shock & Awe - Abigail Roux

Ok...so I'm not certain that I'm any more interested in Nick and Kelly then I was before. They'll always be secondary characters to me...so I read this whole book being amused, entertained, and curious. But, mostly I found myself waiting and hoping for a Ty & Zane (mostly just Zane) sighting. 

The story itself is an interesting exploration of GFY with your best friend...your brother in arms. And I enjoyed the banter and the honest care between Nick & Kelly. But, again...at this point I really only care about them in that they're connected to my main boys. 

So, I'd say this book was a decent read...and a nice treat for Cut & Run fans. It just didn't wow me. 

NOW...with all that said...ONE SCENE DID. ME. IN. And reading the 100+ pages for this ONE bit was worth it to me. 

The airport. 
The goodbyes. 
The hugs. 

“Please bring him back alive,” Zane whispered as he clung to Nick.
Nick nodded jerkily. “I promise.”

Gah...I'm choking up right now even as I type it. I was bawling last night as I read it. ONE SCENE.

Ball & Chain CANNOT come soon enough for me...