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My Holiday Series Read

I, very fortunately, work in an industry that usually shuts it's doors the days between Christmas and New Years.  So, each holiday, I devote to reading a series that I've be eyeing but have put off...one that requires an investment of time and energy and emotion...undisturbed.


Last year, I spent every waking moment reading "In the Company of Shadows".  It was the most grueling and emotional read I've ever put myself through.  And now that I've checked off most of the epic M/M series (Special Forces, The Administration, ICoS, (most of) Captive Prince), I wasn't quite sure what to read this year. 


But now, I've decided.  My holiday series read will be: 



Admittedly, I saw the trailer for the 1st movie a few weeks back and it's what kinda made me lean towards this. I've been wanting to read it, but just hadn't had the push.  Now, I do. 


I'll keep you posted on how it goes!