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"Divergent" by Veronica Roth: Better than Hunger Games...

Divergent - Veronica Roth I just finished Divergent, book 1 of this series. A few observations:

* I'd forgotten how LONG non M/M books are. Each book in this series is over 500 pages. I'm hesitant, sometimes, reading stuff over 200. ha! But, it goes by quickly.

* It's uncanny how ALIKE it is to the Hunger Games storyline. But I guess youth, dystopian, and a finding-herself heroine are not original ideas.

* I found myself surprisingly emotional. I don't know why children dying didn't affect me as much when reading HG. In Divergent, it really...broke my heart...kids having to make adult choices, leaving home, dying.

* The romance element is stronger in Divergent and probably why I liked it more. In HG, Katniss doesn't really love either Peeta or Gale in my opinion. In Divergent, you feel the attraction and the budding romance between Tris and Tobias.

* Tobias is swoon-worthy (if I didn't think it was creepy to be swooning over an 18 yo boy)

I really, really enjoyed this book. I was captivated and drawn in and held my breath at points. I liked Tris so much...and I liked Tris' journey. The action and plot play themselves out almost too quickly (all back-ended...the build up to the last 25% took awhile and dragged just a bit). But, I was engrossed in what was going to happen, and left slightly dizzy by the end.

Gonna sneak in a quick smut-heavy M/M book before jumping into book 2 (a girl's got needs...)