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"Insurgent" by Veronica Roth: Well...I've made it this far, guess I gotta keep going...

Insurgent  - Veronica Roth

Somewhere around the middle of this book, book 2 of the Divergent series, I felt trapped. 

I mean, by this point, it's not like I can stop reading either the book or the series. I've made it halfway and I have enough questions that I have to finish. And something about that pissed me off. 

I'm tired of the first person present tense POV. I really think this is one of the most grating and irritating forms of writing. It's so rarely done well and by the 2nd book, I feel like I'm reading this choppy, staccato-rhythmed story...like a poorly written children's book report. 

And I'm tired of Tris. She's reckless and infuriating and stubborn and annoying. After book 1, I had such high hopes for her. But then she became so much like Katniss in Hunger Games...stuck in her head, not communicating, unrealistic, taking matters into her own hands ALL THE TIME. I just wanted to scream at her. 

And I'm tired of the repetition. If I have to read about her sight going black around the edges every time she's in pain. Or if I have to read about how she overcomes her pain. Or if I have to read about another person...DYING. Or if I have to read about another "you don't trust me" fight with Tobias...I...I...gah! 

But then there's this: Insurgent has some great new characters. And the strategic/war games element to it is really...fascinating. And well, I still want to know more! So despite all my frustrations, I consumed this book in 1 day and I'm taking 10 breaths after writing this review and starting on book 3. So, I can't really call this a bust, can I?

And...if there is one SINGLE reason to keep reading and finish this series it's this: TOBIAS EATON...and this: Theo James to star as Tobias Eaton. *sigh* He's the perfect casting...just perfect. The former teenaged girl in me loves him. The old lady in me thinks he seems like a very nice young man. :)




Question asked of me: Is this appropriate for certain-aged kids? Book 1 is good for kids who read Hunger Games. Book 2 is much more mind-play and if you have sharp kid who likes thinking through logic, they'll love it. I'm an old fart with a deteriorating brain, so it was challenging for me. There's also a lot more death in book 2. And some romance, less than book 1, but nothing inappropriate. Hope that helps.